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Throughout the year 2022, the cask Scotch Whisky market demonstrated incredible resilience, during a period of economic turmoil. It was able to achieve an impressive average yield of 14.95%. This showcased the market's ability to thrive and flourish under pressure whilst offering investors a safe haven in times of uncertainty.
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The UK was able to showcase the incredible demand during 2022 for Scotch whisky in the world of international trade after exports pushed the £6.2 Billion mark. Renowned for its exceptional quality, Scotch Whisky has always held its place at the helm of global Whisky exports, last year's figures acting as a testament to the level of international demand seen each year.
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In recent years the Whisky sector has reached previously unseen highs, most notably in 2022 when a cask of single malt Scotch whisky produced from the Ardbeg distillery set the record for being the highest-valued cask ever traded at auction. The cask, first filled in 1975, sold for a record-breaking £16 million to an unnamed female collector in Asia. Produced in Islay, Ardbeg has quickly become one of the most sought-after whiskies in the world and has set an incredible precedent for casks to come.
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