Wine Regions


France has always been a significant producer of fine wines, playing host to three of the most notable producing regions in the world, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne.


Situated in the southwest region of France on the convergence of the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, Bordeaux is home to some of the biggest names in the fine wine world. The region has been producing wines for over 2000 years since the Romans landed on French shores. In the years since, Bordeaux’s reputation for producing incredible bottles has been unparalleled, making them a global superpower in the production of Fine Wine.


Burgundy, a region positioned in the central-eastern region of France, is known for its production of rare and outstanding wines. Production in the region has been present for thousands of years, contributing some of the finest brands to the world of wines. Fine Wines from Burgundy tend to be produced in extremely limited quantities making them a hugely desirable asset amongst collectors and investors. Whilst Burgundy is geographically small in size, its sway and influence over the wine market is undoubtedly vast.


For hundreds of years, the name Champagne has been synonymous with ultimate luxury. So renowned that its product is named after the region, Champagne is championed for its production of sparkling wines. Found in the Northeastern region of France, bottles from Champagne will always hold a high standing in the world of wines and will be a welcomed edition in any collector’s portfolio.

Italy - Tuscany

Whilst Italy has a reputation for producing some of the world’s best wines, it’s in Tuscany where you can find the country’s gems. Located in Italy’s centre, Tuscany is made up of a patchwork of hills and vineyards, giving the region a diverse landscape. Their wine-making practices date back centuries, and whilst they stick close to tradition they are known to incorporate modern and creative techniques.

USA - Napa Valley

Napa Valley is the newest region to be inducted into the Fine Wine Hall of Fame with only a little over 150 years of production history. Nonetheless, the region has managed to gain incredible popularity amongst consumers and collectors for its avant-garde winemaking methods and unique tasting profiles. Napa can be found just a stone’s throw from California on the eastern coast of the United States, putting it in the perfect position to experience sun and humidity all year round, a huge benefit for the region’s grape growers.